Sunday, April 26, 2009

Distintegration Collaboration - 1 week to go

These photos are 8 days later. We are now one week from the end of phase one of the Disintegration Collaboration organized by Seth Apter. As you can see The Measure of Breath has undergone some serious changes due to the heavy rain and wind over the last week here in Manhattan. I had to punch another hole and re-hang it because the wind had ripped it from its moorings. The mat frame is bowed and pretty faded, the papers curled, the fabric strips more shredded and faded. Now look at the progress of the bush branches so green and budding brightly. I find I do like the contrast very much. I also find I am no longer sad or concerned about the collage's deterioration and have fully accepted it as it is. In fact, I can honestly say I find it has a certain beauty of its own and like to see it most when it is moving in the breeze.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Disintegration Collaboration - 10 days later

Ah, here we are 10 days later. Now you can really see the process of disintegration of The Measure of Breath. It is dry, faded, drooping. Sigh
And here our budding branch. It is succulent, vibrant, firm. Sigh.
The juxtaposition of the 2 processes - the collage and the budding bush - illustrates the truths of life and aging. When we are children, we yearn for maturity, to be bigger, to be grown. And when we are mature, bigger, grown, we yearn for youth. Never do we expect that when we are grown and can do as we wish, the trade-off is the physicality of fading, sagging, drooping.

To my eye, the collage now has a character and presence it didn't have in its younger days. So each can be valued as beautiful in its own way. Youth, maturity and age can each bring a sigh to one's heart. Each can evoke the excitement of looking forward to whatever the next day brings. And each can be enjoyed in its moment. It all depends on how you choose to see it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disintegration Collaboration Week 3 - 2 Sighs

This past weekend was the end of my week three in the Disintegration Collaboration. Well. I have found I have become so connected to my collage that I am mourning its dying as it is happening. And, much to my distress, the wind and rain last week enirely carried off one of its elements. It's as if it lost a limb. See here.

On the other hand, the bush in the park is thriving. There's something very gratifying about watching something grow. Don't you think? Like the progress of a baby. It just makes you smile and puts a song in your heart. See here.