Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Disintegration Collaboration - The final reveal

The first phase of The Disintegration Collaboration ended on May 1. Here are the photos. The flowering bush is just about at its peak. The Measure of Breath is singing its swan song for this life.

I've included some sections of the collage so you can really see the changes from the first post on 3/14 to today.

The safety pin, shiny and new, is now rusted. The fabric strips are faded and weak.

At the start, the key, rusted washer and shiny paper clip were all together on the chain. Now they have fallen and all are rusted.

So, now we are on to the next phase. I have decided to continue documenting the bush in the park as it progresses into summer, then fall, then winter.

This has been a wonderful thing to participate in. And I do believe we have not heard the last from The Measure of Breath. So... stay tuned.

Do check out where Seth Apter, the maestro of this symphony of art, has been documenting the bundles from all 123 artists who are participating in this collaboration.


  1. You seem to have gotten a lot of change. Have fun with the next part.

  2. oooooh, i had a key and italian coin on my tree bundle....nothing much happened to them, and i didn't include a photo, just left them tied to the ribbon on the see if they change for DIS-CO phase!! i'll take a pic of them, now, though!

  3. The dance begins with the invisible brush from Nature's design elements. Rust is one of the most fascinating design focus in my mind's eye. I think there is a ballet of textures and colors to be played with in the next escapade of discovery. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen