Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The delight is in the details

As promised - though a tad late - here is our lovely park bush. Imagine my surprise when I came upon her expecting to see more flowers and found them all gone in the space of a mere 3 weeks. Well, I guess a plant's life is a fast one. Kind of like a mouse? Or a butterfly? But look carefully. See the little green things? I don't really know what they are, but I'm guessing they could be pods. Her leaves have changed from bright dark green to an almost teal duskiness. And I really like the little mauve stubs left after the blossoms. I will be very interesting to see her next stage. I still think she is still just lovely. Don't you?

This is proving to be a valuable lesson in really seeing what I am looking at. The bush represents what most of us do every day when we look at our environment and the things that are in it. We tend see it all as a whole. But if we take the time to really be with the some of the things in it, we can be amazed at all the beauty that exists there. We have so many opportunities for wonder and delight in the most mundane things, but fail to see them being so casually focused on the big picture. You know the expression, "The devil is in the details?" Well, I think the delight is in the details.

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  1. Loved your contribution to fluxhibition #3 - thank you and thanks also for the link to the 500 postcard call for works..
    peace Jane Wang (mobius artists group, boston ma)