Saturday, June 13, 2009

International Fluxhibition #3

Voila! My completed piece for the International Fluxhibition #3. The name of the piece is Amus-i-Kit. It satisfies all the elements of Fluxus art - wordplay, fun, the use of common and found objects, a kit with instructions. And, its subject is music, a common theme in Fluxus. If you checked out the links in my last post, you might have noted a famous Fluxus music composition was Drip Music. John Cage is one of the most notable Fluxus composers.
Here is the Amus-i-Kit instruction sheet so you will know how to play all the "instruments." It is folded up in The Sound of Silence compartment. After I make the member of the audience sit back down in his seat, all will be in the mail to Texas on Monday.

And here is an update on the lovely bush in the park. More pods have developed. Though it has occurred to me that they are really fruit. This time I concentrated only on the fruit because I just love the colors.

Off to make a needle felted pig for my friend, Lenore, whose birthday it is tomorrow. She loves pigs; so a pig it is. Oink. Snort. Snuffle, snuffle. Then I have to work on some pages for Jackie's RR book which I recently received from Jane in the UK. My RR book is currently in Thailand!

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  1. What a great piece! A perfect addition to the Fluxhibition!