Saturday, January 3, 2009


Happy New Year and all good things to all creatures great and small in 2009

With this post, I will have accomplished one of my goals for the New Year...that was to post to my blog. So, here goes...

I was reading a list of tips for bloggers. One of the bits of advice was. "Don't apologize." So I won't. It doesn't fit with my philosophy any more anyway. That philosophy is to start from HERE.

I was thinking you might enjoy seeing some of my work. Here are 2 postcards I made for an exchange.

In this one, the background is colored with heat set, gold paint stik on gauze. There are fabric scraps sewn on and free machined embroidery waves in the water and around the sun. I found the 4 silver beads on the floor in the dance studio at Alvin Ailey before my Afro Brazilian class was to begin. I think they were part of a belly dance costume. They represent flying fish.

This is the back. I made a faux stamp, printed it and glued it on with Golden's Gel Medium. Then I "hand canceled" it. All the writing was hand done with a black Sharpie and a Pigma Micron pen.

This one was a kind of joke, a play on words, as
you can see by what I wrote on the back. The
flowers are silk scraps from a cut up thrift
store blouse. The large flower is padded with a
scrap of batting. All the flowers have beaded centers.
The background fabrics are free machined following
elements in their designs. I especially love the way this one turned out. But, I have to confess that my favorite element and the one I enjoyed doing the most are the "hand cancel" marks.
Go figure!

Again, all the writing was done with
a Sharpie and a Pigma Micron pen.

My next post will be about one of my new projects. It might even involve a giveaway. Also, I will be posting some of my photos of Manhattan where I live.

Hope you enjoyed these. Feel free to leave your
comments. I'm always curious to know what people think of my work.


  1. Judy, I love the first postcard, very nice. The flying fish are genius!

  2. I love these postcards! They are beautiful Judy! What a great blog! Thanks for sharing it with me- I will keep checking it out! Miss you!! Bryn