Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking Time

A friend sent me an email today about a story in The Washington Post. It is an old story from April, 2007, but it just as fresh today.. The world famous violinist, Joshua Bell, plays Bach in the Boston subway as part of an experiment to see who will notice and what will happen. This is something he agreed to do as part of an experiment. You can read the entire article, "Pearls Before Breakfast," and see a little video of the event.
Here is the link:

The issue discussed and enlightened by this event is something I have been working on. That is, to take each moment as if it is the only moment. Because this moment is the only moment. Living in the now is not as easy as it sounds. Every minute of our waking lives we are bombarded with stimuli that demands our attention in ways that distract us from that which is most important and interferes with our efforts to live fully. If we really make the effort and have that intention with us at all times, life is richer and time does not rush past us nor slip through our fingers. Rather, we become one with time and time becomes endless. You can think of it as taking time rather than killing time. Hmmm. Now there's an interesting expression, "killing time."

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