Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've been thinking about the Disintegration Collaboration. It occurred to me that it might be fun to add my own twist along side my decomposing collage. So, every time I post a photo to document the process as my collage deteriorates, I will also post a photo of something growing or coming to life. Today on my way to work, I left the house earlier than I usually do so I could check out the trees in the park across the street. Here is a photo of the branch of a smallish tree - or maybe a bush - starting to bud. The dark shadow down the middle is me because I was in the path of the rising sun as I was photographing. So my presence has become part of the photo literally as well as figuratively. I haven't decided yet whether I will continue to photograph just the progression of this branch or various trees around the neighborhood to document the progression of life as a contrast to the progression of death (the collage). With the two juxtaposed, there is neither a beginning nor an end just as in the cycle of birth, death, rebirth... and so it goes.


  1. my vote is for you to definitely follow the same branch's development as a parallel to the death theme.

  2. Mine too! I love to watch Spring springing....

  3. What a great addition Judith. And based on what you have written...you totally get the ideas behind this project!