Thursday, March 26, 2009

Disintegration Collaboration End of Week I

So here we are with an update to the progression of my participation in the Disintegration Collaboration - a photo of my The Measure of Breath collage 1 week later and a branch from the same bush in the park in an equal amount of time. It occurs to me that the trajectory of life to birth into life proceeds at a much faster pace than the process of life into death even though they occur concurrently. The buds in the first photo were small, tightly closed little nubbins that were erupting from the branch. Only 1 week later, they are emerging as leaves at the same time as their stem branches also grow like little tributaries from the main branch. The collage, on the other hand, is only starting to look a little tired and faded. It's hard to see the changes in the piece from the first photo to the second. And this piece was out in a bit of snow, rain and wind over the week. Think about this in terms of a human or animal life. In mere months we progress from conception to birth into the perceived world. But it usually takes a whole life long to die.

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  1. So fascinating to see these projects side by side and I loved reading your insights into the differences between the two.